Owner:  MTA Capital Construction

Client:  Michels Corporation

Location: Long Island City, NY

Construction Cost: $35,632,000

This project includes the construction of the Stage 3 civil structures at Harold Interlocking.  Herold Interlocking is part of the larger MTACC East Side Access public works project which will extend the Long Island Railroad from its main line in Queens into a new station Under Grand Central Terminal on Manhattan’s east side. The work on this project includes the construction of approximately 1,000 feet of cut and cover tunnel and open cut approach structure, installation of catenary structures, installation of new and relocation of existing utilities, demolition of existing utility structures, and miscellaneous grading and drainage.  All the work specified in the contract is located within the confines of Amtrak and Long Island Railroad property, including Sunnyside Yard and Harold Interlocking, and requires close coordination with two mainline railroad operations. SA Engineering developed and implemented a comprehensive construction monitoring program that included the use of a noise control program, Automated Motorized Total Stations monitoring of over 80 rail monitoring points and 50 structure monitoring points, 360 linear feet of automated vertical inclinometers, 100 Linear feet of core sampling, 2 falling head tests, an automated piezometer, strain gauges, and several crack gauges.

Services Provided:

  • Subsurface Investigation with 100 feet of core sampling and 2 falling head tests
  • Structural monitoring of existing bridge abutments during underpinning
  • Installation and monitoring of over 80 rail monitoring points, 50 structure monitoring points
  • Installed and monitored of 360 linear feet of automated vertical inclinometers
  • Installed and monitored one automated piezometer