Owner: Southern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)

Client: Vanalt Electrical Construction

Location: Upper Darby, PA

Construction: $2.2 Million

The 69th Street Transportation Center Parking Garage- Phase 1 Construction- Transformer Substation (SEPTA Project No. CAS-SN) project involved demolition of existing substation, demolition of existing pavement and curb, install a 110 ft long 48 in conduit (utility) below three (3) active railway tracks using micro-tunneling and construct a new substation.

Services Provided:

  • Pre and Post-construction Structural Condition Survey for 2 Retaining Walls and 2 Station Platforms within the construction influence area.
  • Designing, installing and monitoring of the following instrumentation using automated dataloggers:
    1. 2 automated vibration monitoring devices for construction activities
    2. Monitor vertical and horizontal movement of 3 Railway Tracks through 33 High Precision Optical Prisms for rails & vertical and horizontal movement of 2 Retaining Walls through 11 High Precision Optical Prisms using Automated Motorized Total Stations (AMTS).
    3. Monitor the Angular Movement or Tilt of 2 Retaining Walls using 2 Tilt Meters with battery powered WASP data-loggers.
    4. Real-time web-based secured data presentation and automatic alerts for exceedances.