Owner: New York City Transit

Client: Judlau Contracting, Inc

Location: Long Island City, NY

Construction Cost: $ 58 Million

This is a NYCT Contract for the Construction of a new Vent Plant at Jackson Avenue, Astoria (BMT) Queens Boulevard (IND) and Cross-town (IND) Lines. The project primarily consists of the placement of four new fan systems and construction of a concrete connecting plenum between two existing subway line systems.

Service Provided:

  • Preconstruction survey for 25 buildings within the construction influence area
  • Designing, installing and monitoring of the following instrumentation using dataloggers:
    • Vibration monitoring for construction activities
    • Horizontal Beam Sensors for the tunnel ceilings
    • Vertical Beam Sensors for the tunnel walls
    • Strain Gauges for supporting beams
    • Inclinometers for excavations
    • Crack gauges for buildings
  • Optical survey monitoring for:
    • Surface Settlement Point (SSP) for pavements, sidewalks and grounds
    • Surface Monitoring Point (SMP) for building vertical movements
  • Shop drawing preparation for excavation support system and foundation ground modification using geogrid mat for the CON-ED Vaults.

Jackson Avenue Jackson Ave