Owner: MTA Metro-North Railroad

Client: Skanska- ECCO III Joint Venture

Location: Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Construction: $250 Million

The Harmon Shop Replacement Phase V – Stage I Project will replace a portion of the current Harmon Main Shop (Building 6) with a new state of the art Consist Shop Facility. The work will include a retrofit of Building 6, asbestos and lead abatement, demolition of the Blowshed Building, demolition of the existing Recycling Center Facility and finally, bifurcation and partial demolition of Building 6. Construct the Consist Shop Facility with provision for connection to the future Stage 2 contract for the Running Repair and Support Shop Facility. This project will also entail construction of the new EMU Annex Building west of Building 6.

Services Provided:

  • Pre and Post-construction Structural Condition Survey for 3 Buildings and 1 Bridge Structure within the construction influence area.
  • Designing, installing and monitoring of the following instrumentation using automated dataloggers:
    1. 6 automated vibration monitoring devices for construction activities
    2. Monitor vertical and horizontal movement through 94 High Precision Optical Prisms for Rail and 22 High Precision Optical Prisms for buildings; vertical movement of sub-surface utilities through 13 Utility Monitoring Points using 5 Automated Motorized Total Stations (AMTS).
    3. Real-time web-based secured data presentation and automatic alerts for exceedances.